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We mediate for refugees, status holders, or help people with a distance to the labor market to find a job in a humane and social way.

Personal guidance on the Dutch labor market
Be a part of our community of international flex workers
Extensive development opportunities through training and courses

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If you work, your life becomes a lot easier

When you work you earn money, you gain experience and you make friends. You can share how you feel with your colleagues and they will help you with problems you encounter. Having a job is good for you. I'm lucky to be here and to be able to work. My future plan is to stay here and build a safe new life.

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Education and training are essential for everyone

At Heroyam, we understand that education and training are essential for your career development. That’s why we offer a wide range of training and courses to help you improve your skills and increase your job opportunities in the Dutch labor market. Whether you need to improve your language skills through Dutch lessons, acquire a new set of skills required for a specific job/field, or develop your professional skills, we have a program that suits your needs. Our courses are designed to help you succeed in the workplace, and we provide all the necessary support to help you achieve your goals.

Heroyam: Your trusted partner for fair and professional employment

At Heroyam, we take pride in our professionalism and commit to treating all of our temporary workers with fairness and integrity. We are an award-winning employment agency, having won the Starter of the Year award in the flex market in 2022. Heroyam adheres to strict regulations, collective labour agreements, and undergoes multiple inspections per year to deliver the best quality for all the involved parties. With Heroyam, our workers can count on being treated fairly and with respect regardless of their background.

  • ABU

    The ABU (General Association of Temporary Employment Agencies) sets high standards for quality, reliability, and integrity in the flexible labour market. As a member of the ABU, Heroyam is committed to meeting these standards and providing the best possible experience for our temporary workers.

  • SNA

    The SNA-keurmerk (Foundation for Labour Standards) certifies organizations that comply with all rules, regulations, and collective labour agreements. Heroyam undergoes regular inspections by SNA-keurmerk to ensure that we meet these standards, providing our temporary workers with fair and trustworthy employment opportunities.

  • Starter of the Year

    The Starter of the Year award is a prestigious recognition in the flex market in the Netherlands. Heroyam is proud to have won this award in 2022. The organizers praised Heroyam for being at the center of society and current affairs, socially involved, having a huge support base and a lot of know-how.

Frequently asked questions

Time for some answers

Finding employment as a refugee or status holder in the Netherlands can be a challenging task. There are many barriers to overcome, such as foreign language, cultural differences, and bureaucratic obstacles. Our employment agency understands the challenges that refugees face in their job search and is here to help. We provide a wide range of services to support job seekers, from job matching and coaching to training and education. Our team is dedicated to answering any questions you may have and helping you navigate the Dutch job market with confidence. Together, we can work towards a brighter future for refugees and their families in the Netherlands.

How can I find a job in the Netherlands as a refugee or status holder?

At our employment agency, we provide a range of services to help refugees and status holders find work in the Netherlands. We Inform you of the available job opportunities, we also assist with the application process, and finally we provide advice on how to tailor your own resume and cover letter to Dutch employers. Additionally, We provide support by improving your Dutch language skills to increase your chances of employment.

What are the requirements for working in the Netherlands?

To work legally in the Netherlands, you need to have the necessary documents and permits. We provide the necessary information about the requirements and guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary permits and documents.

How can I develop my skills to become more employable?

We offer a range of services to help refugees and status holders develop their skills and increase their employability. This includes providing information on relevant training and education opportunities, offering career coaching to help you identify your strengths and goals, and providing support in developing your soft skills, such as communication and teamwork.

What kind of jobs are available to refugees and status holders in the Netherlands?

Many industries and sectors in the Netherlands are willing to employ refugees and status holders. At Heroyam, we have lots of success stories of refugees finding long-term employment and thus want to share those opportunities with you.

How can I overcome language and cultural barriers in the workplace?

We understand that linguistic and cultural differences can be a challenge in the workplace. That’s why we offer Dutch language courses and provide advice on how to navigate cultural differences. We also offer coaching on communication and soft skills to help you succeed in your job.

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