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Gezellig Werkt featured employer Heroyam
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Gezellig Werkt

Cleaning in a great way.

Gezellig Werkt goes for quality in everything they do as this is what their customers used to and what they expect. This is what they strive for again and again every day. Together is nicer and working together is even better, especially in a team with a good atmosphere. Chatting up about the weekend and laughing, because thats what Gezellig means.

Working for Gezellig Werkt will teach you the meaning and feeling of “Gezellig” as its in their core values, the best way to explain it is somewhere in between: sociable, cozy or neighborly.

How it all started

Heroyam was founded in the beginning of 2022 by 3 Dutch friends: Bart, Hans & Ivo. The goal was to help people from Ukraine who came to the Netherlands to seek refuge find a job. During this period the Dutch government allowed Ukrainian refugees to work in the Netherlands without a work permit. This allowed Heroyam to quickly find jobs for Ukrainian refugees here. Heroyam has since grown into a fully-fledged and certified employment agency. But the core mission is still the same: Helping all people find a job in human and social way.

Heroyam team

Here's what our flex workers are saying

I came with my son from Ukraine, from Kramatorsk. I was going to the unknown, and I didn't know where I would live and how. However, like everyone else who fled from the war. This country has become my second home. In the city of Zwolle, I found peace. It is a beautiful city, green and flourishing, in which there are many kind and sincere people, as well as a well-developed cycling infrastructure, which makes me very happy (in Ukraine, I was fond of riding and travelling by bicycle)

They gave my son a dorm room and me. My son went to school, and thanks to the Heroyam company and its wonderful guys Bart, Natalia, Sofia, I got a job at Mcdonald's.

I left an application on the company's website that I was looking for a job, any job, since sitting idle for four months was already unbearable for me. The answer came in the mail, not to me, but my neighbour in the hostel. I went with her to the Heroyam office, but there was a place for me as well, I signed a contract, and the next day I was already making burgers at Mcdonald's , which I still do today. The work is challenging but interesting. Every day there are new work quests, but Ukrainian women are strong and unbreakable!!!

Heroyam team - Bart, Natalia, Sofia, Vitaly - you guys are the best. Thank you very much for your responsiveness and your help, it's a pleasure to come to your office (special thanks for the bike, sneakers and the interview in the newspaper).

Thank you so much Heroyam!

Sofiia Mishchenko

Kitchen-aid , McDonald`s

My friend and I came to the Netherlands a month ago. We thank Heroyam and the translators personally for their professionalism and competence. They helped us to get jobs as waitresses as soon as possible. Taking our preferences into account Heroyam offered us different options. The meeting with the employer took place directly with a representative from the agency. Decency, honesty, sincere interest - all these qualities are inherent in the job agency Heroyam!

Nataliia Syromiatnikova

Waitress, Stadscafé Blij


Heroyam is a job agency located in Zwolle The Netherlands. It is our goal to help Ukrainians living in The Netherlands find their place in society by providing them with work. Heroyam is committed to donating 100% of our profit to causes in Ukraine. This way our employees do not only work for their own benefit but also for the benefit of all of Ukraine.

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