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В Heroyam мы уверены, что образование и обучение необходимы для (карьерного) развития каждого. Именно поэтому мы инвестируем в широкий спектр обучения наших работников. На этой странице вы найдете все предстоящие курсы с возможностью подать заявку на них.

Ближайшие курсы

Introduction: Dutch as a second language (NT2)


    January 2023
  10 weeks
  3 hours per week

   Mozartlaan 15, 8031 AA Zwolle

About this course

Do you want to pick-up Dutch as a second language without any prior training or education? Then this is the course for you! After ththise 10 week training you will have a basic understanding of the Dutch language. 

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Heroyam was founded in the beginning of 2022 to help Ukrainian refugees coming to The Netherlands find a job. Over the past few months Heroyam has helped over 75 people who fled Ukraine find a job in The Netherlands. By doing so Heroyam’s mission was born: Helping people find work in a human way. At Heroyam we donate 100% of our profits to good causes in Ukraine. This way our flex workers do not only work for their own benefit but also for the benefit of all of Ukraine.