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Cooperating foreman

  • €15 - €20 per hour
  • 40 Hours per week
  • Zwolle
  • Dutch or English required
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The role of a cooperating foreman involves leading a team on the shop floor, focusing on improvements and supporting the team. The foreman is responsible for ensuring the company's production is efficient and successful. This particular position is based in Zwolle and is offered by a dynamic and rapidly growing company specializing in industrial hand cleaners and hand cleaning cloths. The company has a second factory in Europe and is gaining prominence in the European market. The foreman will work alongside the team, performing tasks such as machine cleaning, quality checks, and maintaining smooth production. They will also serve as the main point of contact for the team and actively seek opportunities for process and team improvements. The company provides a vibrant and fast-paced working environment, with a young and enthusiastic team, offering ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Each day brings new challenges and excitement, making it a memorable experience.

What we offer

As a company, we offer you a learning environment to develop quickly, a young team who roll up their sleeves and a fast-growing company. Every day is different which makes your working day full of energy. Every day is a day to remember!

As an assistant foreman, you will start on a monthly gross salary of €2,610 per month, but this can become more due to experience or level of education.

The work will be Monday to Friday during the day, from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., so nice weekends off!

What are your tasks?

Getting out onto the shop floor and guiding your team, looking for improvements and having an eye for the team. This is what your day as a cooperating foreman looks like.

As working foreman, you and your colleagues go into each day with the aim of achieving the best. You are the point of contact for your team and safeguard the company's production.

As a cooperating foreman, you will work on the shop floor with your team. Cleaning the machines, checking quality and keeping production running will be everyday tasks. You will also be the point of contact for your team and look for points of improvement in the process and team.

Company description

Based in Zwolle, the company is a young and fast-growing company specializing in the development and production of industrial hand cleaners and hand cleaning cloths.

With a second factory in Europe, it is a company that is taking the European market by storm, and thus sells its products throughout Europe.

What we ask

  • Someone with some experience in a similar position
  • Living in the Zwolle region
  • Technical insight or an affinity with engineering

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