Kitchen-aid at McDonald`s

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Job salary

Hourly wage

€ 11.00
Job number of hours

Number of hours

16 - 38 hours per week

Working at McDonald’s means good times for you and our guests. And all that at your favorite restaurant: McDonald’s! You know that feeling when your order at McDonald’s is ready? You can give that wonderful feeling to other people, as a catering employee. Make the tastiest Big Mac, bake the perfect golden French Fries or make our youngest guests happy with a Happy Meal.

By working together with your colleagues as one team, your guests get the best McDonald’s experience. While performing your work as a catering employee, you develop skills. You will be given a lot of responsibilities so that you learn to work independently, you learn to deal with our guests in a service-oriented and customer-friendly way and you will quickly become a real team player.

Working is nice, but your personal life is just as important. By working together with your colleagues and of course earning your own money. You can do fun things outside working hours, because you can work flexibly, and so working at McDonald’s can easily be combined with all the other things that you find important in your life. We also offer evening shifts, so that you have enough time during the day for your studies or taking care of the children.

At McDonald’s we value you for who you are and we think it’s important that you can just be yourself. To work at McDonald’s, two things are important: helping our guests and preparing our products. Do you think you can do this? Then you fit into the McDonald’s culture. For us it’s very important that you can be yourself and develop. Language barrier? No problem! We will work it out together and you will end up exactly where you feel comfortable.


What we offer:

  • Location: 10 min on the bike from the city centre
  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility to work full time
  • 125% extra pay after 00:00
  • Work clothes provided

What we expect from you:

  • You live in the Zwolle or Kampen region.
  • You are a real go getter.
  • You can work during the day or beginning of the evening.
  • You are representative, customer focused and sociable.

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      Heroyam was founded in the beginning of 2022 to help Ukrainian refugees coming to The Netherlands find a job. Over the past few months Heroyam has helped over 75 people who fled Ukraine find a job in The Netherlands. By doing so Heroyam’s mission was born: Helping people find work in a human way. At Heroyam we donate 100% of our profits to good causes in Ukraine. This way our flex workers do not only work for their own benefit but also for the benefit of all of Ukraine.